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About Proclamation Press, Inc.
Proclamation Press, Inc. was established for the purpose of making The Forward Look Bible Prophecy Study by Rev. Arthur E. Bloomfield available to everyone.  It is a guild for understanding God's plan for man as revealed through Bible prophecy from Genesis through Revelation.  The original correspondence course was the result of Rev. Bloomfield's fifty years of study and teaching regarding the three main subjects of Bible Prophecy -- the Nations, the Jews and the Church.
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Rev. Arthur E. Bloomfield
Prophecy Conference led by Rev. Bloomfield

      We must recognize two very important truths concerning Bible prophecy. First, it is of extreme importance, as evidenced by the space given to it in the Bible. Second, it has suffered at the hands of some teachers, and it has been used for purposes for which it was never intended. False teachers will always use Bible prophecy. It is Satan’s way of bringing important Bible teachings into general disrepute. An adequate knowledge of the Bible would prevent its misuse.

      We need a back to the Bible movement in prophecy. That is the purpose of this book. It is an attempt to make one prophecy interpret another by bringing them together and to illustrate them with maps, charts and parallels. 

      It is amazing how many generally accepted statements have no support in the Bible. An error, repeated often enough, takes on the semblance of truth. Yet to accept an error as true always carries confusion into some other portion of the prophetic Word. No interpretation stands alone. A true interpretation opens up others Scriptures. A wrong interpretation spreads confusion into other prophecies. 

      The biggest step in understanding any part of the Bible is to know exactly what it says and what all the Bible says about it. We must know what the Bible says before the Holy Spirit can tell us what it means.

      The more of the Bible we can view at one time, the better we can understand it. That is the purpose of the maps and diagrams—not to show details, but to show outlines, to show the whole picture in one view.
~ Rev. Arthur E. Bloomfield